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A sump pump is a fairly simple device designed to prevent flooding in your home. Sump pumps have valves to sense irregular water levels and pressure. If water gets too high, a sump pump will pump water out of its current location and transfer it to drain away from your home.

If your basement is prone to flooding when heavy rains and storms hit your Chesterfield, MO home, you’ll want to make sure you have a working sump pump. A wet basement or crawl space can cause extensive water damage. We offer proven solutions to keep your basement dry every season.

Sump Pump Services from Chesterfield Service


You don’t have to look any further for trusted sump pump installation or replacement—our professional team at Chesterfield Service is here for you. We are dedicated to providing you with the systems your Missouri home needs to function efficiently.

Chesterfield Service offers financing as an option with approved credit, so if you need a sump pump installation or replacement, there are no roadblocks preventing you from having something you need. Speak with our experts to learn more.


If you have concerns about your sump pump not working properly, give Chesterfield Service a call. We offer comprehensive sump pump services, which means we can handle any sump pump repair you might need.

We will work to provide a viable solution so your sump pump is in top shape. With our team of knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals, your sump pump will be back in working order again and you can enjoy fully operable systems in your Chesterfield home.


At Chesterfield Service, we recommend you have sump pump maintenance performed annually to ensure it is working efficiently. You never have to worry about who to trust to take care of your sump pump needs because our experts are highly skilled and trained to handle any and all of your sump pump concerns.

Emergency Battery Backup Sump Pumps

If your sump pump relies on electricity to run, but a major storm has knocked out your power, you could risk your basement flooding. Talk to Chesterfield Service about installing a battery backup for your sump pump so you can rely on it to keep up with heavy rains. Not all batteries are created equal and it’s important to talk to a plumbing services technician to install the right sized battery and maintain it properly to ensure that it will be able to run for long periods of time without power.

Call Chesterfield Service for Plumbing Services

If you are looking for more information or for an estimate for sump pump repair, maintenance, or installation, contact the plumbing professionals at Chesterfield Service. We service residential and commercial properties all over the Chesterfield, MO area. We would be happy to assist with your sump pump needs!