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From brushing your teeth and showering to making coffee and washing dishes—plumbing plays a critical role every day in your Chesterfield home. When something goes wrong, requires professional maintenance, or it’s simply time for an upgrade or something new, it’s imperative to have a plumbing company you can depend on!

Chesterfield Service is dedicated to handling all of your plumbing needs here in Missouri. From installation to repairs and maintenance, you can count on our Chesterfield Service experts to get the job done right.


Our professionals at Chesterfield Service can make all of your plumbing installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance needs easy. From start to finish, we are here to assist you. We will address any of your concerns, answer all of your questions, provide you with an estimate, and leave you with high-quality results.

We offer plumbing services in the Chesterfield area for the following:

Tank Water Heaters

Whether you need tank water heater installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance, Chesterfield Service is here for you. Our team of professionals is well versed in all tank water heater services and can address any of the needs you may have. Read more about tank water heaters here.

Tankless Water Heaters

Our Chesterfield Service professionals are experienced in tankless water heaters. If you’re in need of a brand new installation or replacement for your home, we are here for you. Maybe you are experiencing an issue or require routine maintenance—we can help you with that too! Read more about tankless water heaters here.

Sump Pumps

If your home has a sump pump, but it isn’t working as it should, or if you’re looking to replace your sump pump or install a new one, look no further than Chesterfield Service. Whether it’s installation, a problem that requires repairs or maintenance, our professionals can handle the job. Read more about sump pumps here.


Are your home’s plumbing fixtures outdated or simply just not working efficiently? If you’re in need of a new installation or replacement in your Missouri home, Chesterfield Service can offer you high-quality results. We can install kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets, as well as toilets, shower valves, and showerheads. Read more about fixtures here.


For a reliable toilet installation or replacement, turn to our experts. If you’re having a problem with your toilet, it’s time to call Chesterfield Service. Don’t delay a necessary toilet repair. Let us provide the routine maintenance you need so we can discover any existing problems before they lead to a worse plumbing situation. Read more about toilets here.

Water Softeners and Filtration

For filtration system installation or replacement you can rely on, Chesterfield Service is here for you. Whether you need a water softener or whole-house water filter, we will be sure it is installed correctly and works efficiently in your home. If you need help because your system has an issue or it’s time for a maintenance visit, let us be the company you choose for all water filtration needs. Read more about water softeners and filtration here.

Flo by Moen Installation

Are you looking for a smart water monitor you can depend on to help discover potential problems before they become massive plumbing disasters? Chesterfield Service is proud to install Flo by Moen. Allow your home to have the protection it needs against water leaks and structural damage with the help of this incredible smart water monitor and installation by Chesterfield Service. Read more about Flo by Moen here.


Is it time for a new drain installation or replacement? Or are you in need of a repair? Chesterfield Service can help when you have clogged toilets or sinks or sewage backup. If you need sewer line replacement, root infiltration, drain vent cleaning, or rain leader drains, let us help you get your home in working order. Read more about drains here.

Backflow Prevention and Tests

If you’re looking for the best backflow testing and repair in Chesterfield but aren’t sure which company to turn to, look no further than our Chesterfield Service professionals. Let us provide the backflow testing and repair you need—at a great price too! Read more about backflow prevention and tests here.


If you’ve ever had your plumbing malfunction before, then you know how quickly even the smallest problems can progress, sometimes going from unsanitary to dangerous conditions. There are many different plumbing problems, but our Chesterfield Service experts are knowledgeable and experienced so we will be able to properly diagnose the problem and offer you a lasting solution.

For emergency service, do not hesitate to call Chesterfield Service immediately. We are available 24/7 and can help—let us take care of your plumbing emergencies for you.

Signs You Need a Plumbing Repair

Some plumbing problems are obvious, but others are not. So how do you really know when you have a plumbing problem that requires professional repair?

Below are some major indicators of when to call our Chesterfield Service plumbing professionals for help:

  • Leaks, particularly near the sink, bathtub, shower, or toilets
  • Low water pressure
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Drain problems
  • Backups in plumbing fixtures
  • No water or no hot water
  • Strong odors from drain
  • Dripping or running water behind walls or ceilings


Just like your heating and cooling systems require routine maintenance, it’s critical to keep up with plumbing maintenance, especially if you want to catch problems before they become more severe. With regular maintenance, our trained Chesterfield Service experts can catch any minor issues before they have the opportunity to progress and become more costly.

If you typically prolong having maintenance performed on the various systems in your home, don’t forego plumbing maintenance. Maintenance will keep your plumbing in top shape and help by saving you a headache in the future!

Chesterfield Service makes maintenance simple with our service plan maintenance program, which offers benefits like priority service and discounted rates on plumbing, heating and cooling, and appliance repair services.


To learn more about our plumbing services or to schedule your service here in Chesterfield, MO, reach out to our Chesterfield Service professionals today. If you’re in need of an emergency service, we are available 24/7. Call us at 636-200-3631 or request service online to schedule an appointment today.