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The Importance of Home Humidification

Posted on: February 20, 2020

Balancing the humidity levels in your home can be a very simple, yet important, task. Installing a whole house humidifier, to collaborate with your furnace, will provide optimal humidification throughout your entire household. A portable humidifier only covers up to one or two rooms in a single house, compared to a whole home humidifier that is a part of your HVAC system. These whole house humidifiers also use less energy and require minimal maintenance, allowing them to be very user-friendly.

  1. Health & Comfort – Humification decreases chances of spreading or passing illnesses (especially during cold and flu season) and aids in regulating any respiratory problems a member of the family may have. Home humidifiers have been shown to improve skin, eye, lung health, and greatly reduced the impact of allergies and snoring. Appropriate humidity levels can also decrease chances of static electricity and help in reducing symptoms of dry skin, irritated eyes, and scratchy throats.
  2. Save Energy and Money- Accurate humidity levels in your home can have your household feeling warmer. This way you can save on your energy bill during the wintertime – when your home is at its driest – all while obtaining a new level of comfort. Your thermostat can be set lower, about 2-3 degrees, which saves you 6-10% off your energy bill.
  3. Preserving Your Home- Proper humidity levels can help control dust, mold, and mildew from taking over your household. Lack of humidity can even cause damages to anything wooden that is in your home. Maintaining proper humidity can protect wood flooring, cabinets and furniture from cracking and drying out.

If you have any further questions or are interested in a quote for installation, call Chesterfield Service at (636) 532-5841.

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