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Energy-Efficient HVAC Tax Credits

Posted on: January 10, 2020

When you’re investing in a new HVAC system, every bit of help you can get with the cost is beneficial. Many homeowners are unaware that the federal energy-efficiency tax credits have been reinstated for 2020. This means you can upgrade your HVAC system to a new, more efficient model, and enjoy tax savings as a result.

At Chesterfield Service, we want our customers to take advantage of all possible savings when they are installing a new HVAC system. We understand that these systems represent a sizable investment, and this tax credit is quite helpful in reducing that burden.

If you’re interested in making this upgrade and taking advantage of this tax credit this year, don’t wait. Call the Chesterfield, MO HVAC pros at Chesterfield Service by calling (636) 532-5841 or by contacting us online for help.

Tax Credits Reinstated for Both Residential and Commercial Systems in Chesterfield, MO―and They’re Retroactive

Whether you need a new HVAC system for a home or a business, you need to know that the tax credits for residential (Section 25C) and commercial (Section 179D) have been reinstated for tax year 2020, expiring December 31, 2020. H.R. 1865 and H.R. 1158 funding bills for fiscal year 2020, recently signed by the president, incentivize home and business owners to improve energy efficiency.

These credits for homeowners mean 10% credit on installed costs of specific high-efficiency HVAC equipment or other improvements ($500 lifetime cap). Combined with utility and other rebates, this could mean significant savings on the purchase of a new high-efficiency HVAC system. The really big news is people who replaced their systems between January 1, 2018, and the end of 2019 will ALSO be eligible for this credit retroactively. If you replaced your system in the past 2 years, please click here to see if your system qualifies.

The second step of this is the lifetime energy savings of the new equipment. If you are replacing an old builder-grade unit that is 15 years old or more, your combined savings on gas and electricity could cut your energy spending by up to 50%. Newer Bryant Evolution systems, especially hybrid systems, offer the most efficient air-source central HVAC systems around. If you were thinking about replacing your old system, this is absolutely the BEST time to replace. Ameren UE and Spire Gas have some great rebates, too. Matched with the tax credits and factory incentive of 0% financing for up to 5 years on qualifying systems (with approved credit), the time is NOW!

If you have a commercial property and would like to know more about these incentives, please contact us. We would be happy to fill you in on all the details.

These tax credits won’t last forever. Reach out to Chesterfield Service to take advantage before they’re gone.

Save Through Reduced Energy Costs in Addition to the Tax Credit

With an upgraded HVAC system that’s more efficient, you not only have the option to get this tax credit, but you will also save through lowered energy bills. These energy savings will continue through the life of the system, provided you keep up with routine maintenance. With the combination of energy savings and the tax credit, you can easily recoup much of the cost of a more efficient system over its lifetime.

Curious to see how much you could potentially save? Contact Chesterfield Service at (636) 532-5841 for more information.

Schedule Your HVAC Upgrade with Chesterfield Service

These tax incentives have no guarantee of being reinstated after 2020. At Chesterfield Service, we anticipate a large number of people requesting new HVAC systems in the coming calendar year, so they can take advantage of this tax credit. If you want to be among them, schedule a consultation right away, so we can help you select the right system and make the upgrade. Once you choose a system that qualifies for the tax credit, our team will install it properly, so you get the most reliable and efficient use out of it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the tax credit. If your Chesterfield, MO home is ready for a new HVAC system, this is the time to get one. Call (636) 532-5841 or contact Chesterfield Service online for more information and help.

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