What Hail Damage Means for Your A/C Unit

Hail Damage St. Louis Metro Area HVACWhen hail strikes the St. Louis Metro area, your A/C unit is probably the last thing on your mind. It doesn’t seem like a big deal considering you’ve got to worry about your roof, your siding, your car, and anything else that might be outside in the hail storm’s path. However, it’s important to remember that your HVAC unit is outside too!



Hail Damaged A/C Units

A few more dented coils on your outdoor unit may not seem like cause for alarm, but we want to set you straight. For every ding and dent that shows up on your unit, that’s one more restriction on your airflow. Look at each dent and ding from the hail damage and see how much area that actually adds up to – it could well over 20%! If your coils are bent, the airflow is significantly restricted. When this happens you are wasting not only energy but also money!


When hail strikes, some restrictions are minimal in the 5-10% range and you will see little change in your airflow. However, some units see major hailstorm damage and the bends are over 75-90% of the coil. Unless you physically go outside to inspect the unit and coils, you may not realize you’re in such a energy and money sucking state because your unit may still continue to run. Think about it like your car running the air conditioning in the summer time but there’s a piece of cardboard over the radiator – YIKES! Your car is still running but you are now creating excessive heat and massive wear and tear. The same is true of running your A/C with bent coils. The quality is greatly diminished, not to mention again the huge money loss you see when your electric bill comes in next month.



How to Fix a Hail Damaged A/C Unit

Now that you know to check your unit after a hail storm, what do you do? If you suspect there is damage, have your certified HVAC technician come out to confirm the damage. At Chesterfield Service, we actually do hail damage assessments for free. If you want to take us up on that offer, give us a call at 636-532-5841. If you’re not sure we serve your area of St. Louis or St. Charles County, check out our complete Missouri Service Area list. From our free assessment we can give you a full evaluation of your coils and recommend any repairs that may be necessary to improve your airflow and save you money again!


If you have questions on hail damage and the affects on your HVAC unit, please contact Chesterfield Service directly or comment below. We’re here to help!


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