Travis Seeger - Owner

Travis Seeger - Owner

Travis Seeger



*   Years with Chesterfield Service: 27

*   Why do you like working at Chesterfield Service? "It's a new challenge every day! It's very seldom that we see the same exact problems with people's homes and businesses. People are different, they live and work differently, so all of our solutions are very custom to each and every situation."

*   What is an interesting fact about yourself? "I was a Bi-State BMX Champ in 77-78. Yes, they had bicycles back then and BMX was in its infancy. I loved to ride and still do when time permits."

*   What do you like to do for fun? "I enjoy anything with wheels and a motor -- essentially all types of motorsports..... If I had not become a co-owner of Chesterfield Service, I think that I could have been a professional drift racer!"



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