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What Hail Damage Means for Your A/C Unit

Hail Damage St. Louis Metro Area HVACWhen hail strikes the St. Louis Metro area, your A/C unit is probably the last thing on your mind. It doesn’t seem like a big deal considering you’ve got to worry about your roof, your siding, your car, and anything else that might be outside in the hail storm’s path. However, it’s important to remember that your HVAC unit is outside too!


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How To Fix a Muggy Home


With the mild temps here in the Lou, sometimes people have that "muggy" feeling in their home or office.  Muggy can be seen as a weird word, don’t you think? Muggy comes from the Scandinavian word “mugga” which means “drizzly mist,” slippery, or mucus.  I think that sums it up well as when your home is muggy, it feels much like a drizzly mist is inside your home.

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