How To Fix a Muggy Home


With the mild temps here in the Lou, sometimes people have that "muggy" feeling in their home or office.  Muggy can be seen as a weird word, don’t you think? Muggy comes from the Scandinavian word “mugga” which means “drizzly mist,” slippery, or mucus.  I think that sums it up well as when your home is muggy, it feels much like a drizzly mist is inside your home.


Why Homes Feel Muggy

Many people notice the muggy atmosphere in their homes near bedtime. For most, turning down the temperature before sleeping is the only way they know to stay comfortable overnight.  Moisture is brought in the home through the basement concrete generally. Typically most homes have a cooler basement so this moisture feels ok.  However, during times of high humidity you may notice a musty smell in the basement.  The moisture travels up through the house and tends to "stack" from the top down.  This means that a two-story home will generally have the highest humidity levels on the sleeping level upstairs.   This is most noticeable when the cooling system is not running frequently. Most people are fairly content at a home temperature of 72-74 degrees. However, when night humidity levels creep higher it can make 72 degrees "feel" like 76 or 78 degrees. Any time you can reduce the humidity at the source and eliminate it, we have a much better chance at controlling comfort. Between 35-50% relative humidity is where we usually feel most comfortable.




Curing Your Muggy Home

As I mentioned, people often have to set the thermostat lower at night to try and maintain comfort, or they wake up at 2 in the morning with that sticky, "mugga" feeling. The common steps usually involve turning on fans or checking the thermostat, only to find out its reading 72 and then subsequently dropping the temp another 2 or 3 degrees to sleep comfortably.


What if we had a device that stopped the mugginess? We have a wonderful way to cure the muggy home syndrome in the 1830 or 1850 dehumidifier from Aprilaire.  These dehumidifiers will eliminate the mugginess from the whole house, remove musty odors, and eliminate the need to run the costly air conditioning to over cool your home just to bring down the humidity level.


These dehumidifiers are unlike the ones you will find in the retail chain stores. These units will remove 75 or 90 pints per day at 60*F temps.  Look at the specs of any portable dehumidifier closely and you will see that they are rated at 80*F with 80% RH.  If your basement is 80*with 80% RH you may have other problems - like your house being on a natural hot springs. If you are suffering from the "Mugga" connect with us via social media, email, or plain old telephone (636-532-5841) and we can discuss a few options for you.


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